Is It Safe To Visit Dentist During COVID-19?

With Covid-19 on our minds daily, you might be wondering if it is safe to visit the dentist.

So we want to reassure our clients that we are open and have created an environment that is as safe as possible. We have followed all the new guidelines and precautions recommended by American Dental Association (ADA), U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to make sure everyone, staff and patients, are protected from the threat of Covid.

Here are some of the procedures we are now implementing.

  • Screening patients before their appointments
  • Limiting patient numbers
  • Wearing extra protective gear, including face masks, shields and gowns
  • Practicing social distancing whenever possible (in the waiting room, for example)
  • Removed magazines, toys and other unnecessary items from the clinic
  • Washing, sterilizing and disinfecting all surfaces often
  • Washing our hands frequently
  • Masks for patients and staff
  • Monitoring patients for signs of health issues that may be symptoms of Covid
  • Requesting patients inform Smile Perfectors if they develop symptoms or are diagnosed with Covid after the dental appointment.
Covid Office Policy Form
covid-19 dentist safety info

We agree dental clinics could be high-risk areas for the spread of Covid if these precautions weren’t in place. Luckily the whole dental industry has taken the situation very seriously. So far, there haven’t been any direct links to people contracting Covid through dental treatment in America.

We are committed to keeping our dental clinic open while maintaining the absolute highest level of health and safety. We want to let our valued patients know Smile Perfectors are more dedicated than ever to taking care of your oral health professionally and safely.

If you have concerns or questions, we are always here to help. We are in this together and will rise. Feel free to contact us at Smile Perfectors any time to book or reschedule your dental appointment.


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