How To Whiten Teeth Naturally: 6 Home Remedies That Actually Work

Whiten Teeth Naturally, Smile Perfectors

Home Remedies To Whiten Teeth Naturally

How to whiten teeth naturally – Although your teeth may turn yellowish with the growing age, there are many home remedies to whiten teeth naturally. It is sure that there are so many products that people use for teeth whitening or tooth cavity treatment. But, those products are harmful not only to your teeth but also to the health of your body as they contain various chemicals to bleach your teeth. We recommend you should only use effective natural ways to whiten your teeth and enhance your smile.

Here are simple, safe, and effective ways to naturally whiten your teeth:

Home Remedies For Natural Teeth Whitening

Dietary Changes

Whiten Teeth Naturally, Smile Perfectors

It will be beneficial for an individual to avoid eating foods and drinks that can mark or stain your teeth. Some foods and drinks such as Wine and Tea can be responsible for teeth staining. Also, you should know that the consumption of acidic foods can make your teeth yellow or dull.

It is advisable to avoid acidic foods and drinks like Coffee, Dark Soda, and lemons. Or you can always choose an alternative option to brush and floss your teeth after eating these foods.  But make sure to brush your teeth after 30 minutes of consuming citrus or acidic foods.

Oil Pulling

Whiten Teeth Naturally, Smile Perfectors

Dentists recommend using Oil Pulling to eliminate or remove the dirt and bacteria that can lead to plague and yellow teeth. Oil Pulling teeth whitening treatment involves the individual swishing the oil (Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, or Sesame Oil) around the mouth and that will help to naturally whiten teeth.

After brushing your teeth with hygienic toothpaste, rinse your mouth with oil for around a minute or two and spit it out.  For teeth whitening, Oil Pulling can be a beneficial option as it removes many types of bacteria from your mouth and prevents your teeth from becoming yellowish.

Brushing With Baking Soda

Whiten Teeth Naturally, Smile Perfectors

Yes, brushing with baking soda can help remove teeth stains efficiently due to its mildly abrasive nature. As per many researchers, baking soda can be a safe way to remove stains and whiten your teeth naturally. That’s why most commercial toothpaste includes baking soda as an ingredient.

Not only baking soda can be useful to remove bacteria from the mouth but also it helps to prevent serious dental problems such as Plague and Teeth Decay. You can brush your teeth by creating a baking soda solution as well.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Whiten Teeth Naturally, Smile Perfectors

If you have stained teeth then Hydrogen Peroxide can be really helpful to remove or whiten the teeth stains. Just like Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural bleaching agent that can also be useful to eliminate the bacteria from your mouth and for teeth whitening as well.

As the hydrogen peroxide is safe to use, you can easily whiten your teeth at home by brushing with its solution. You can also use mouthwash that contains hydrogen peroxide a few minutes before brushing and flossing. Studies show that toothpaste containing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can lead to white teeth.

Fruit Teeth Whitening

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can be an effective teeth whitening solution. Eating fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables is beneficial for the health of your teeth as well as your body. Also, crunchy fruits and veggies can help rub off the plague while you chew and eat them.


Whiten Teeth Naturally, Smile Perfectors

Strawberries and Baking Soda mixture is an effective natural way to white teeth at home. As it contains malic acid, brushing or rubbing strawberry mixture can help to treat the discolored teeth and enhance the teeth whitening.


Whiten Teeth Naturally, Smile Perfectors

For teeth whitening, people are also using pineapple as it contains Bromelain enzyme that helps to efficiently treat teeth stains. Some studies have shown that toothpaste containing bromelain is more effective at teeth whitening than standard toothpaste. However, eating pineapple may not have the same result as brushing with it.

Banana, Orange, or Lemon Peels

Whiten Teeth Naturally, Smile Perfectors

Rubbing banana, orange, or lemon peels for about 2-3 minutes can be a beneficial home remedy for teeth whitening. Banana, orange, and lemon peels contain citric acid which is helpful to whiten the teeth from a theoretical point of view.  However, people who are already rubbing the fruit peels are indeed happy with the outcome (White Teeth).

Teeth Whitening Methods To Avoid:

There are some other natural teeth whitening methods that are not proven and may harm your teeth’ health instead of enhancing them. Those unproven methods to whiten the teeth include:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Kaolin Clay
  • Other Teeth Whitening Products that contains harmful chemicals

Visit The Dentist

Although there are several natural methods and remedies to whiten your teeth, we recommend you schedule a visit to a professional dentist. If you want to get effective and comfortable teeth whitening treatment, you can contact SmilePerfectors – a leading and trusted Family Dental Care and Cosmetic Dentistry. Want to know more about our dental treatments and services? Contact Now. Also, you can call our professionals at (703) 356 1200 to discuss resolve your doubts about the teeth whitening process. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook.


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