How Vitamin “C” Can Help Gum and Teeth Health?

Gum health vitamins and minerals play an important role in oral health. Vitamin C for gum health is like an immune booster against the bacteria. Vitamin C is a very important vitamin that is needed for good gum and teeth health. This vitamin comes in the list of water-soluble vitamins and is also known as Ascorbic Acid. It is present in different foods and it is extremely beneficial for good health. Researchers today think that Vitamin C plays a crucial role in supporting your dental health especially gums and teeth. One thing that must be kept in mind is that this vitamin is not produced by our body so we must take it in as part of our diet to remain healthy. Hence, Vitamin C for gum health is much needed to intake.  So here’s a guideline to keep your gum healthy. Let’s have a look!

What Vitamins Promote Gum health?

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Each of our body organs needs the right amount of vitamins and minerals in order to remain healthy and disease-free. Similarly, the gums must also be provided with the right amount of vitamins and minerals to be healthy.

The following are some of the vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy gums.

Vitamin C

You cannot ignore this vitamin when talking about gums’ health. This vitamin has some amazing benefits and plays an important role in the protection of the gums. It is said that vitamin C aids in the formation of blood vessels and other vital tissues that are essential for good gums and teeth. This vitamin also helps in the healing of gums and people with a low level of vitamin C experience the bleeding of gums.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also essential for your gums and teeth’s health. Everybody knows its importance when it comes to teeth and bones health and its proper maintenance.

Vitamin A

Although vitamin A is known to be extremely good for your eyes, it also helps in improving your oral health. Vitamin A is found in many fruits and vegetables such as carrots, meat and apples etc. You must take the proper amount of this vitamin if you want your teeth and gums healthy.

Vitamin C and Gum Health

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As we have already said, vitamin C is a vital vitamin in improving and maintaining gum health. Studies have shown that it can be a good weapon against the different diseases of gums. A report regarding the health of gums was published in 2003 which states that people who had lower levels of vitamin C in their bodies developed different gums diseases. When we get ill, especially when we have problems regarding our oral health, we must get vitamin C as it helps in the healing process and making of new tissues. A person with low levels of vitamin C in his body may experience swelling and inflammation of the gums.

Furthermore, if you leave this situation untreated, you may also experience tooth decay and eventually the loss of a tooth. Scurvy is another disease that you can develop if you have lower levels of Vitamin C. In these diseases, a patient experiences swollen gums that are accompanied by bleeding, severe pain in the gums and teeth, inflammation in the gums and loosened teeth etc. However, you should not get worried about such gum infections, as you can prevent these diseases by taking a sufficient amount of vitamin C in your food. Other than vitamin C, there are various gum disease treatment services available these days as well.

Vitamin C for Repairing Gums

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Dental experts say that you must take good levels of gum vitamins and minerals, especially the Vitamin C, in your diet if you want your gums and teeth healthy. Even if you have developed any gums disease, you can reverse that process by eating food that contains Vitamin C or its supplements. It is because Vitamin C has got the power to heal and repair the damaged tissues present in your gums. It has been observed that people with injured gums started getting good results and their gums got repaired after adding vitamin C in their diets. If you have damaged gums just because you had ignored vitamin C in your diet, do not be afraid and starting today consume this vitamin as it has an amazing power of repairing and healing the damaged gums. Vitamin C for gum health should become a famous remedy.

Vitamin C for Gum Regrowth

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Along with special healing and repairing powers, vitamin C can regrow gums that are eaten away due to any reason. It is not an easy task to regrow your gums but if you are firm and really want to regrow them, you need to add this amazing vitamin to your diet along with taking proper care of your oral cavity. You should take good care of your gum health as not everyone can regrow its gums.

Vitamin C and Gum Regeneration

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It is almost impossible to regenerate your gums because the tissues present in your gums are reluctant to regrow unlike other tissues of your body. However, some studies show that proper usage and intake of Vitamin C can help in the regeneration of gums. Vitamin C helps in the repair and healing of wounds and different gum diseases. People who consume a sufficient level of this vitamin can rarely develop the diseases associated with the gums and teeth.

Role of Vitamin C in Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a gum disease in which the tissues of the gums get infected. The symptoms include swollen gums, bleeding of the gums, pain in gums, difficulty in chewing and may also cause the loss of a tooth. Along with other causes, vitamin C deficiency can lead to this disease. It is noticed that taking the right amount of vitamin C can help in preventing periodontal disease. Different studies and examinations have also revealed that mostly those people develop this disease whose bodies are deficient in vitamin C. It shows that there is a close connection between Vitamin C and Periodontal Disease.

We can say that Vitamin C, along with other gum health vitamins and minerals, are extremely vital for our teeth and gum health.


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