Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, located in the back of the mouth, can cause several oral conditions. These may include misalignment, impacting of the gums, and painful crowding. If necessary, your local SmilePerfectors center provides expert wisdom tooth extraction. As always, our goal is to ensure your smile stays healthy and pain-free!

Prior to the extraction, your SmilePerfectors oral surgeon will explain the procedure in detail. In short, the wisdom tooth extraction procedure involves applying a local anesthetic around the area of the tooth being extracted, and if necessary, followed by a general anesthetic. Surrounding gum tissue is precisely trimmed, allowing for a smooth extraction. Once extracted, the surgeon will stitch the gum to cover the area in question and allow the natural healing process to begin. Patients will be provided with gauze pads, special instructions for rinsing, any necessary prescriptions and other information to reduce the risk of infection.