Mercury Free Fillings in Tysons Corner and Other Locations

Mercury Free Fillings

A dental filling is a restorative method used to strengthen teeth and counter the expansion of tooth decay that can lead to caries, more commonly known as cavities. At SmilePerfectors because we utilize health-conscious, earth-friendly materials to provide dental fillings.

Certain alloys could contain traces of mercury and may cause adverse reactions. In most cases, your body would simply reject them. Therefore, we use only premium dental materials, which would not cause any reactions and your body will just accept it.

At SmilePerfectors, your options include custom-fitted restorations, traditional mercury-free fillings, as well as metal-free, composite resin restorations. The metal-free fillings are composed of plastic and/or ceramic materials, which mimic the natural white hue of your teeth.

Why Mercury Free Fillings?

In the past, for treating tooth decay, amalgam fillings were the common norms. While they were effective to prevent decay, the amalgam contained high traces of mercury, about 45-50%, which is hazardous to humans.

Apart from being hazardous in nature, amalgam or mercury fillings also possed other problems! The mercury is sensitive to temperature, so when it expands or contracts due to temperature change, it can create hairline fractures in the tooth. This may lead to tooth sensitivity. Further, such fillings weaken and change shape over time, mainly due to the impact of biting and chewing, so eventually, they are not durable. Finally, mercury or amalgam fillings are too conspicuous, making the patients feel self-conscious.

In order to overcome all these issues, dentists today recommend mercury free fillings. They are safe and offer a much-improved aesthetic look. The mercury-free fillings that our dentists in Tysons Corner and other locations use are a perfect restorative option to strengthen teeth and counter the expansion of tooth decay. The mercury free fillings we provide are durable, look natural, and will not cause tooth sensitivity.

Get Mercury Free Dental Fillings in Tysons Corner and other locations from the specialists at SmilePerfectors.