How To Prepare Your Young Child For The Dentist

For some children, the idea of visiting the dentist causes stress and anxiety. This can come from experience, fear of the unknown or from hearing stories from other people or the media. 

To ensure your child has a positive experience at the dentist here are some helpful tips to prepare them for the visit.

Tell your child the day before that you will take them to the dentist so they can mentally prepare themselves. Be upbeat and use positive language. For example, you can say the dentist is kind and friendly and that the staff is caring.

Let your child take a favorite toy for emotional comfort. Having something to hold onto during the treatment will ease their worries.

Plan to take your child somewhere special after the appointment. Maybe you can go to the bookstore or to a new place that would be interesting for them. By creating this nice memory you can create a positive impression of the dentist so next time they will remember that not only was everything fine, but everything was fabulous. 

Most importantly explain in language that is suitable for your child’s age what will happen during the dentist visit. Fear of the unknown is the most common reason children worry about going to the dentist. If they have some idea of what will happen it will be easier for them to cope with the visit. Also, let them know how long the checkup and cleaning will take. 

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Answer any questions your child has and take the opportunity to remind your little one about the importance of regular tooth brushing and oral hygiene.

Our staff at Smile Perfectors are professional and experienced in working with children of all ages and understand how they might be feeling. We provide dental care to patients in Tysons Corner, Arlington, Crystal City and the surrounding areas.We are here to offer the most positive experience for all our clients.

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