How Is An Overbite Corrected? Ways and methods!

How Is An Overbite Corrected?, Smile Perfectors

Overbites, while not necessarily dangerous or harmful, can be uncomfortable and may impact the confidence of those who may have a particularly severe case. Many celebrities, including  Tom Cruise, Miley Cyrus, and even Freddie Mercury, are known to have overbites. That said, if your overbite is affecting your dental health, comfort, mouth function, or even self-confidence, you may ask – how is an overbite corrected? The good news is that overbites, in most cases, can be treated with straightforward and traditional methods, all proven to work through years of practice. However, more intensive solutions, such as jaw surgery, may be required in some extreme cases. In this post, we’ll detail the potential steps you could take if you are hoping to fix your overbite.


Invisalign and other clear alignment braces can answer How Is An Overbite Corrected?

Clear aligners, the most popular among which is Invisalign, can help gently correct overbites. These take the form of plastic trays which are made in a custom context for each potential patient. As the teeth shift more into alignment, the trays are adjusted to continue training or “aligning” the teeth properly. This is a natural alternative to braces in that they are clear and invisible to the naked eye and can solve How Is An Overbite Corrected?


Traditional orthodontic braces. 

Orthodontic braces have been vital for dentists, families, and cosmetics in answering How Is An Overbite Corrected?. By using brackets that become attached to the teeth and structured using archwires, these braces can be tightened over time, allowing for a gentle orientation of the teeth where they should be. This can also help affect the “posture” of your jaw in more minor overbite cases. Additionally, you may ask for retainers which are typically worn overnight.


Full headgear.

You may be familiar with the idea of full-frame head braces, known as headgear, which aligns with the previous two examples. These straps around the head can put more pressure on your upper jaw to guide it back into proper alignment. This is also instrumental in helping a more pronounced overbite from developing even further, effectively allowing no more damage to be done.  While they may not be the most subtle piece of equipment in the dentist’s arsenal, the results they provide for temporary treatment are undeniable.


Surgeries & teeth extraction.

In very pronounced cases, overbites can be corrected by jaw surgery which places the jaw back into alignment.  This is rarely undertaken alone but under the guidance of dentist insight and braces or precise tray alignment as outlined above. Another method is to extract overcrowded teeth or teeth which are grossly misaligned, as this can help the more robust, more correctly-placed teeth to fall back into natural alignment, helping to clear the overbite naturally. Both methods will require aftercare and a straightforward course of treatment.


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