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Dental Invisalign Gap Teeth, Smile Perfectors

Do you seek dental Invisalign for gap teeth or gapped teeth or Diastema? Are you looking for a reliable dental solution for empty spacing between your teeth? If yes, then you must consider getting the best Invisalign dental treatment. Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners to gradually move teeth into the right position. With Invisalign, you will have the privilege of aligning your teeth and thereby, enhancing your overall appearance. Dental Invisalign and aligners can help you get rid of teeth gaps in your mouth and make your smile more beautiful, more attractive.

Invisalign can be used on patients who have gaps between their teeth. These gaps are usually caused by dental trauma, tooth decay, or gum disease. Most dentists recommend Invisalign when it comes to fixing the alignment of teeth that are having gaps, spacing, or are somewhat out of place. Invisalign can be achieved through a series of aligners that are worn each day and rotated as the teeth move into their desired position. Aligners are kept in place by aligners clasps, placed at strategic points on the tooth. These clasps allow for easy removal of the aligner and come in a variety of colors to make it.

When opting for dental Invisalign gap teeth, the patient will not only get to choose different colors including transparent aligners but also have the advantage of wearing them without others knowing. Whether you are suffering from teeth misalignment or if you want to conceal your missing or lost teeth, then dental Invisalign treatment is perfect for gapped teeth. To learn more about what happens before and after Invisalign treatment, professionals at SmilePerfectors can help.

Dental Invisalign Gap Teeth – Planning and Process

Invisalign is a clear, removable aligner that straightens teeth without the use of braces. That means you will not have to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious due to wearing braces. At SmilePerfectors, we have a team of professional dentists who have the needed experience and expertise to deliver permanent or long-lasting solutions to teeth gaps or spaces. The gaps between your teeth can be effectively fixed with the help of Invisalign.

Our dental surgeons will plan and proceed after thoroughly examining the distance or spacing between your teeth. The Invisalign treatment plan is customized to meet your needs and goals. After assessing your bite and teeth position, our professionals will create a series of aligners that gradually move your teeth into the desired position.

Dentists will recommend patients wear an aligner for two weeks and then move to the next one in the series. After about six months of treatment, your teeth will be aligned hopefully, and you’ll have a beautiful smile. Feel free to give us a call at (703) 356 1200 to get more information about how we can dental Invisalign can be useful for teeth gaps.

How Long Does Invisalign Take To Work?

As you know now, Invisalign is a system for aligning teeth without the use of metal brackets, wires, or bands. The aligners are made from a thermoplastic material called polyacrylate and are virtually invisible. It is an effective dental treatment if you want to correct or fix the position of your teeth. Generally, the treatment time for this procedure is different for every individual, but most people will need to wear their aligners for 22 hours out of every 24. This means that they will need to wear clear aligners while they work, sleep, and even when they eat.

It usually takes anywhere from six months to two years before the patient’s teeth are fully aligned with Invisalign treatment. But it totally varies with the patient and their requirements. So we recommend you ask an experienced dentist to know how long to wait before dental Invisalign fixes the gap in your teeth.

Invisalign For Gaps Between Your Teeth – Can Invisalign Fix Teeth Gaps?

Many people are not aware of the fact that Invisalign braces can also be used to fix teeth gaps. It is a common misconception that Invisalign can only be used to align your teeth. We are sure that you will be surprised to know the fact that Invisalign can blend with your teeth and at the same time fix the gaps present in your mouth. Yes, if you want to get your teeth gaps fixed then there is no better option than Invisalign dental treatment.

The Invisalign methodology has been around for more than two decades and is one of the most popular orthodontic treatments in the world. It was originally developed by an orthodontist, Dr. Rick Loomis, who wanted to create a more discreet way of straightening teeth than traditional metal braces. However, with the advancement in technology, dental Invisalign can also be used to fill up the empty spaces between your teeth. The technology behind Invisalign is based on 3-dimensional computer imaging. It uses digital technology to design a custom set of invisible aligners that move your teeth gradually into their new positions without any metal brackets or wires.

How Much Does Invisalign Treatment Cost?

Well, this type of orthodontic treatment uses clear aligners and these aligners are made up of smooth, comfortable, and virtually invisible plastic. The patients will have to wear the aligners over their teeth to gradually move the teeth into their proper or appropriate position. When we are talking about getting dental Invisalign treatment for gap teeth, the first thing that crosses your mind is how much it costs to get dental Invisalign gap teeth.

The cost to fix the teeth gaps with dental Invisalign may vary from one person to another depending on the severity of dental misalignment, duration of treatment, and whether you have braces or not. There are several other factors on which the dental Invisalign cost depends to restore teeth gaps and they are,

  • Severity of your dental misalignment
  • Duration of your treatment
  • Braces or No Braces
  • Number of alignments needed
  • Your Location

The average cost for Invisalign treatment will range from $3000 to $7000 depending on the treatment process and requirements. However, if you want to get a perfect figure of the cost for Invisalign treatment to fix your teeth gaps then feel free to Schedule a friendly consultation to get a quick quote.

At SmilePerfectors, our highly experienced and expert dental surgeons will provide you with effective dental Invisalign treatment for dental gaps or spaces along with exceptional dental care and hospitality. Follow SmilePerfectors on Facebook to get more updates on our services and treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Invisalign Gap Teeth

What are gap teeth?

Gap teeth mean the gaps or empty spaces between your teeth. Diastema or teeth gaps usually happen due to the difference between the size of the jaw and teeth. If your jaw is larger than your teeth or if your teeth are too small for the jaw size, then there are high chances that the individual will have to deal with teeth gaps.

What kinds of problems can gap teeth cause?

The gaps between your teeth show that you are dealing with poor dental health or oral hygiene. There are a lot of problems that teeth gaps can cause including gum infections, tooth decay, and other dental issues.

Can Invisalign clear aligners fix gap teeth?

Yes, Invisalign clear aligners can fix almost every kind of teeth gap, small as well as larger gaps. However, we recommend consulting with a professional dentist first to get a clear idea of how Invisalign treatment can help fix or close the gaps between your teeth

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