7 Most Common Causes of Toothaches That May Require Immediate Dental Treatment!

Common Causes of Toothaches, Smile Perfectors

Toothaches can be indeed difficult to bear when they worsen over time. That’s why it will be beneficial for you to know the most common causes of toothaches. There can be plenty of things that result in unbearable and painful dental pain. Be it a sudden fall on the ground or a serious dental disease, the patient will have to experience and suffer from toothaches. To let our readers and patients understand toothache or dental pain better, we have listed down the most common causes of toothaches for which you should get immediate dental treatment and care from a professional dentist.

Tooth Decay

Teeth cavities or caries can happen when you keep eating or drinking sugary drinks and meals. When these cavities form together, they will lead to teeth decay and reach the pulp chamber of your teeth. The pulp chamber will be exposed to the bacteria and acids present in the teeth cavities and that will lead to mild and severe toothaches. Depending on the intensity of teeth decay, an individual may experience extreme tooth pain. If no treatment or care is taken, it may also lead to a serious tooth infection and you may lose a tooth.

Tooth Infection

An infected tooth is something you should be serious about as tooth infection brings along unbearable toothaches. The best dental treatment options available for infected teeth are root canal therapy, dental implants, or teeth extraction. If your tooth is severely infected and can’t be restored, it will be beneficial to remove and replace that infected tooth with another durable and natural-looking tooth. Consult with a professional dentist as soon as your infected tooth troubles you to prevent tooth infection listed amid common causes of toothaches.

Dental Trauma or Injury

Sometimes unexpected dental trauma or injury may lead to broken, damaged, and knocked-out teeth. When you fall on your face on the ground, your teeth are more likely to get damaged or may also lead to facial bone or fractured jawbone. After an accident or injury, if you may find blood, pain, and discomfort then we recommend you should visit an expert dentist for emergency dental care and treatment. In such a situation, the pulp chamber may be damaged or can get infected due to exposure to the bacteria.

Dental Restoration

Among common causes of toothaches, dental restoration can be the reason why you should visit a professional dentist. Tooth discomfort and pain may also arise after going through dental restoration treatments like dental fillings or dental crowns. One may also experience gum irritation or inflammation which is why it will be helpful to visit a family dentist when suffering from mild to severe toothaches.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can cause consistent discomfort as well as pain at the time of eruption from tooth enamel. But if your wisdom teeth are not emerged then crowning may take place which promotes the discomfort even further. Your adjacent teeth as well as gums will get continuous pressure due to wisdom teeth. Hence, if you are experiencing pressure and pain due to wisdom teeth, then you should take a trip to a professional dentist.

Jaw Joint Inflammation

Although jaw joint inflammation is not an emergency dental condition, one should make sure to book an appointment with a dentist for at least the dental check-ups. Some dentists may advise patients to take pain relievers to bear with the mild jaw joint pain. But if the pain becomes persistent, it will be beneficial to get immediate dental treatment and care for the inflammation, pain, and discomfort.

Gum Diseases

Gum disease is one of the most common causes of toothaches. There are plenty of reasons why an individual has to suffer from gum diseases and problems. Gum diseases can cause pain in your tooth and it may happen due to injury or infection exposed to the roots. Also, gum diseases can cause damage to the jawbone which is why immediate dental care and gum disease treatment is essential.

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