Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Tysons Corner

Teeth Whitening Tysons Corner

Teeth Whitening Tysons Corner Services: Want sparkly white teeth for that perfect smile? At SmilePerfectors, we provide exceptional teeth whitening that brings back the true beauty of your smile, which is lost due to discolored or yellowed teeth.

Over the course of time, teeth tend to yellow as a reaction to a variety of causes, such as aging, poor oral hygiene, chewing tobacco and ingesting an abundance of certain drinks such as tea, coffee, soda and red wine. Tooth whitening, also known as tooth bleaching, is FDA-approved practice where dentists help patients regain their teeth’s natural enamel white color through a choice of various procedures. SmilePerfectors is proud to offer patients a variety of teeth whitening solutions, which can be done in or out of the office, to help their teeth regain their shining white brilliance.

In-house teeth whitening procedures are the stronger of the two options, as your dentist can utilize bleaching kits with higher concentrations of peroxide, which is used to help teeth restore their original shade of white. Whitening done as a result of in-office work with SmilePerfectors lasts longer and is more effective than the results of conventional whitening products. Our dentists in Tysons Corner and other locations can also prescribe a variety of personal whitening kits for those who want the convenience of whitening their teeth at home.

In addition to kit work, SmilePerfectors is proud to offer patients the opportunity to utilize the Zoom Whitening System™ by Philips, a recent advancement in light-based tooth whitening procedures, to help brighten their smile. Your teeth are coated with a special gel corresponding to the current shade of their color, and a concentrated light source is directed towards them, brightening them up by several shades. This procedure is especially useful for patients who have white spots left over after their braces have been removed, as the intensity of light can be adjusted to ensure your teeth are uniformly whitened. Zoom Teeth Whitening offered at Tysons Corner and other locations at SmilePerfectors, is a fast and reliable option for those who want to radically improve their smile.

For fast and effective teeth whitening in Tysons Corner and other locations, visit SmilePerfectors today.

If you have any questions about our teeth bleaching / teeth whitening options, we encourage you to contact us to set up a consultation and meet with one of our dentists.

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