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Root Canal Therapy Treatment, Get Advanced Root Canal Therapy Treatment – Book An Appointment at SmilePerfectors!, Smile Perfectors

Are you from extreme tooth decay and toothache due to it? Do you feel like your tooth decay is at the risk of targeting the pulp foundation at the bottom of the teeth? If yes, then our advanced root canal therapy treatment in Tysons Corner can help. At SmilePerfectors, we have a team of highly experienced and skilled dentists who can make sure to repair, restore, and save an extremely decayed tooth or infected tooth.

Performing root canal therapy treatment, our dentists will treat the infected or decayed tooth that is targeting the pulp of the teeth. When teeth decay reaches the bottom of the teeth, it may infect the bloodstream with bacteria. Therefore, an individual may suffer from illness and infection of the teeth if teeth decay reaches the pulp foundation. Removing or extracting your tooth may also be a treatment option for an extremely decayed tooth. However, our professional dentists recommend preserving the tooth before the damage becomes too extensive to repair or restore.

Our professional dentists will consider an individual the right candidate for root canal therapy if tooth decay is extending its reach and damages the pulp foundation of the teeth. It will be possible to remove the infected area or part of the pulp and nerve to restore the teeth to become more durable and presentable. The inside of your teeth will be properly cleaned after removing the infected or decayed part of the pulp at the bottom of your teeth through RCT treatment. There are plenty of reasons why your tooth becomes infected, decayed, or dead. Some of the most common reasons for teeth decay or infection are:

Tooth Decay:

Tooth decay is indeed one of the most common reasons for scheduling an appointment for root canal therapy treatment. Tooth cavities or caries building in and around your gums and teeth can lead to tooth decay which may reach the pulp foundation of your teeth if left untreated. Bacteria may infect the pulp foundation by entering the bloodstream and thereby, causing severe pain, inflammation, and swelling.

Dental Trauma:

Dental trauma or injury may also be a reason why you need to seek immediate dental treatment. Inflammation or swelling of the pulp at the bottom of the teeth is more likely to develop after a sudden dental traumatic injury. We recommend visiting a professional dentist if you are suffering from mild to severe dental pain after a dental trauma or injury as immediate dental care and treatment may help preserve or restore your damaged or injured teeth.

Deep Dental Fillings:

Dental fillings, as you know, are needed when you need to counter the expansion of tooth decay and cavities. But a professional dentist may place deep dental fillings next to the pulp foundation at the bottom of the teeth to restore or treat a damaged tooth or extremely decayed tooth. Hence, if the bacteria infect the pulp due to deep dental fillings, tooth decay happens and root canal therapy treatment will be beneficial.

Unknown/Unexplained Reasons:

Apart from all the known reasons for teeth infection or decay, there are a number of unknown and unexplained reasons. Many times, it is not possible for a professional dentist to diagnose the exact root cause of tooth decay or infection. Due to one or the other reason, your pulp chamber may get inflamed and your teeth die or decay severely. Decay or infection may take place after eating or drinking unhealthy food. However, if you are suffering from tooth decay due to any kind of reason, root canal therapy treatment can help preserve your decayed tooth and healthy smile.

Common Symptoms or Signs You Need Root Canal Therapy Treatment

If you have no idea or if you have a little bit of confusion about whether you should get root canal therapy in Tysons Corner or not. Then you can decide by going through the below-listed common symptoms or signs you need effective root canal therapy treatment.

  • Cold and hot sensitivity problems on the infected tooth
  • Experience mild to moderate teeth pain when applying pressure or biting
  • Suffer from extreme tooth pain, inflammation, and swelling
  • The infected tooth area becomes swollen
  • May notice a bad odor, smell, or taste in your mouth

Contact Our Professional Dentists For Root Canal Therapy Treatment in Tysons Corner

We are a leading Family Dental Care and Cosmetic Dentistry that offers a wide range of dental treatment and services including dental fillings, dental implants, crowns & bridges, dental cleaning, and root canal therapy. Get effective and pain-relieving root canal therapy treatment in Tysons Corner and Vienna, VA by reaching out to our professional dentists at SmilePerfectors. Our team of highly experienced and skilled endodontic specialists will make sure to provide the best possible root canal therapy treatment to treat your decayed or infected teeth. During the root canal treatment, our experts will remove the infected pulp or teeth and clean the inside of the teeth.

Do you need to get exceptional root canal therapy and get relief from tooth decay and pain? Schedule a friendly appointment today and discuss your dental problems with our expert dentists. To clear your doubts or queries about root canal treatment, you can give our courteous staff a call at (703) 356-1200. Follow SmilePerfectors on Facebook and get the latest updates and information on our broad spectrum of dental treatments and services.

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