Lawrence B. 10-19-2018

Excellent service. Dr Kaymanesh is fantastic, as are the rest of the staff .

Michele L. 10-17-2018

Once doesn't like going to the dentist ... therefore I cannot be thrilled about filling out this form ... But when I go, staff makes it as pleasant as possible and it's really nice. Bottom line is: continue to do what you are doing and don't change anything! Thank you

Robert D. 10-16-2018

Superb advice from Dr. Favagehi.

Jevon W. 10-10-2018

Everyone here is amazing! Dr. Patel told me about things that I needed to do that no other dentist in five years pointed out, like the space under my cap. She quickly provided me with referrals so that I could get it taken care of.

Paul N. 10-09-2018

No one likes going to the dentist. But this is a happy practice. Courteous and respectful staff. A delightful community spirit. I love my dentist.

Daniel B. 10-03-2018

Dr. Patel is great. Easy to talk to, great at explaining a course of treatment, careful, gentle and knowledgeable. I couldn't ask for a better dentist.

Paul P. 09-25-2018

I'm not a fan of Dentist; but it's not a personality thing. I've had some horrible experiences in the past, makes me not want to go (even though I know I need to). That being said, you guys were very understanding and quite patient with me. I plan on returning, and have even given a recommendation to my wife, as her dentist is retiring soon.

Wayne N. 09-22-2018

professional service - no waiting, very courteous

Elvin F. 09-19-2018

I’m very happy with my results!!!

Jacob W. 09-18-2018

Very friendly and skilled dentists and staff. I have been using them for years for dental work and plan on returning. Very fast and rarely need to wait long to be seen.

Disclaimer : The results varies from person to person

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