Bruce F. 01-26-2019

Dr Farr and the team are great! Angel provided a very thorough dental cleaning and great, professional care... and Dr Farr, as always, offers honest, experienced advice and suggestions.

Alexandria L. 01-19-2019

Front desk staff is always nice and accommodating,even when you have a million questions. If they don’t know an answer they’ll always take the necessary steps to find it out BEFORE you leave the office, or if it is by phone they will call you back within the hour.

Ashley S. 01-17-2019

My husband and I have been going there since 2015 and have had no complaints. They've done great work every time and we've always had good experiences. The staff was extremely nice and get you in and out quickly. Dr. Nadine Altememi is so friendly and makes the visit a little more enjoyable. (Or as enjoyable a teeth cleaning can be.) I highly recommend her.

Eleanor W. 01-16-2019

Wonderful dentist and hygienists, as always. Efficient, friendly and knowledgable. However, I did have a problem when checking-out at the reception. The receptionist tried to charge me for a filling, which was completely incorrect. I was shocked when I tried to explain that I did not require a filling nor discuss it with my dentist and she continued to push and insist. I had to literally point to the name on the bill to indicate that this was not me. I believe she mistook me for another asian-looking patient and was completely unapologetic in her mistake. It was a sour and unprofessional ending to an otherwise wonderful cleaning and check-up experience. I understand staff can get busy, but the handling of this situation was very unprofessional and unfriendly. I will seriously consider coming back if this is how patients are treated by receptionist staff.

John N. 12-29-2018

always professional and caring

Stephen C. 12-13-2018

Very nice people.and very open to my needs.

Stephen C. 12-13-2018

Very nice people.and very open to my needs.

Ryan S. 12-11-2018

The team at Rosslyn Dental arts is always friendly and more importantly always on-time.

Gloria I. 12-10-2018

Excellent care. Friendly staff. Keeps appointment times.

Sarah L. 12-06-2018

Dr Cho is the best!! He is so kind and thoughtful and clearly cares for his patients. I look forward to my teeth cleaning!

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