Teeth Extractions

A Man Has His Teeth Extraction

At SmilePerfectors, we care about your oral health. While having all the teeth is beneficial, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a damaged tooth in order to protect other natural teeth. When it comes to tooth extraction, we ensure to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Hearing a dental professional say the word “extraction” is enough to instill fear in some patients. In cases such as infection or failed root canal, the extraction of a tooth may be the most appropriate option to ensure your overall dental health.

Allowing other teeth to grow properly is another reason to consider the extraction procedure. Stubborn baby teeth and grown wisdom teeth can sometimes force healthy teeth to grow in awkward directions or cause crowding or misaligning. In some cases, a tooth extraction may be necessary to maintain and preserve a healthy, natural smile. SmilePerfectors will only recommend or proceed with an extraction procedure if it is essential to preserve your dental health.

Your experienced SmilePerfectors family dentists in Tysons Corner, and other locations, guarantee that all extraction procedures are done with great care and with minimum discomfort.

Tips for Pain Management After Tooth Extraction

Pain and discomfort are expected after extractions. You can, however, minimize your discomfort and ensure quick recovery by following our tips:

    • Take our prescribed medications
    • Apply ice packs on your face to keep down the swelling. Use ice for no more than 10 minutes at a time
    • Eat soft foods for a few days
    • Avoid smoking as it inhibits the healing
    • Avoid using a straw for drinking anything, as it can pull the blood clot out
    • After 24 hours from the extraction treatment, rinse your mouth with warm salt water
    • Continue brushing and flossing your teeth, but avoid the extraction site

If you still experience any pain and discomfort, contact our dentists immediately. We will examine your mouth and address to it aptly to minimize the discomfort.

To experience safe and comfortable teeth extractions in Tysons Corner and other locations, visit SmilePerfectors today.

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