All about Dental Pain After Root Canal - smileperfectors

All about Dental Pain After Root Canal (Reasons and Solutions)

Root canal is surely one of the most painful dental procedures. It involves the tooth plus root extraction, so it is obvious that it causes severe pain after the root canal procedure. However, it becomes much needed in some severe cases. Some teeth become so distorted that dentists suggest urgent root canal therapy as a...
Dental Implant

What Kind Of Aftercare Is Expected For Dental Implant (A Complete Guide)

The process of replacing the root portion of a missing tooth through a metal post is known as a tooth implant or dental implant. Dental implant services is the best replacement for a missing tooth. In this process, the metal posts replace missing or damaged teeth. These artificial teeth look like the real ones. The...
Vitamin “C” and Teeth Health - smileperfectors

How Vitamin “C” Can Help Gum and Teeth Health?

Gum health vitamins and minerals play an important role in oral health. Vitamin C for gum health is like an immune booster against the bacteria. Vitamin C is a very important vitamin that is needed for good gum and teeth health. This vitamin comes in the list of water-soluble vitamins and is also known as...
Teeth Whitening Remedies At Home - smileperfectors

6 Effective Teeth Whitening Remedies At Home

Having white teeth is everyone’s dream because it adds to our beauty. Teeth become darker or yellow with the growing age.People use different whitening products to get white teeth but these whitening products contain various chemicals which concern many people. To avoid these chemicals, many people prefer home remedies because they offer top benefits of...
crown and Bridges - smileperfectors

How long Do the crown and Bridges Last And Why?

Dental crown durability is one of the most concerned issues regarding dental recovery processes. Whenever a patient faces the tooth decay or chipped tooth problem, he or she needs to find the most suitable alternative for its original tooth. The most prominent alternative options are dental crowns and bridges and root canal. The crowns are...

Invisalign Tysons Corner: How to Figure Out If You Need It

Invisalign is one of the most common and most successful orthodontic treatments that is used for teeth straightening across the world. It is also used widely because it is virtually invisible and can be removed as and when required (especially while eating and drinking). Even patients love Invisalign more than metal braces, as it does...
dental implants tysons corner

For Dental Implants in Tysons Corner Contact SmilePerfectors, Today

According to the dentist at SmilePerfectors, if you are missing teeth, then the overall efficiency of your bite may get badly affected; hence, it must be treated immediately. If you are missing teeth, then there are modern dental treatments such as dentures and dental crowns that are often secured to one or more dental implants....
covid-19 - Smileperfectors

Important Announcement Related to Covid-19

Dear Patients, A state of emergency has been declared in the state of Virginia due to the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and to obey the advisory released by the state government, SmilePerfectors has suspended its operation until further notice. The health, safety, and well being of our patients and employees are our top priority. In...

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