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Jun 13, 2019

Do You Have Gum Diseases? Here’s How You Can Conclude

Before we make you understand how to conclude whether you have gum disease or not, we would like to make you aware about the fundamentals of what it is. In simple words, gum disease is a bacterial infection that eats away the tooth structure, gum tissue and the bone supporting the teeth.

Gum Disease Treatment in Tysons Corner at SmilePerfectors

The gum disease starts with the accumulation of the plaque (clear, sticky biofilm of bacteria on the teeth and gums). As the accumulation of the plaque increases on the teeth and gums, it starts to form hardened bacterial deposits known as calculus. These deposits develop above and below the gum line. These bacteria produce contaminants that lead to inflammation and erosion of tissue. As the infection increases, it slowly causes the gums to separate from the teeth and corrodes the bone that grips the teeth in place. When the infection becomes severe, the teeth become loose and can even fall out.

During the starting days, you may not feel any pain or discomfort, but when it advances you may experience little pain. Therefore, it is necessary for you to have the knowledge of what to look for before the gum disease becomes a severe problem. Here are the main things to look for. If you notice any of the below, you should make an immediate appointment at the dental art center like SmilePerfectors for a full examination.

• Your gums may appear red and swollen as a result of inflammation
• Bleeding and tender gums as a result of infection that has become severe
• You may experience bad breath that does not go away
• Position of your teeth may shift due to the corroding supporting bone
• Your teeth may become loose
• You may notice abscess below the gum line as a result of infection
• You may experience little pain while chewing the food

Gum Disease Treatment in Tysons Corner at SmilePerfectors

Treatment of gum disease is available, and it involves thorough removal of the built-up plaque and calculus. Dr. Jason Favagehi is a Tysons Corner dentist offers gum disease treatment. He uses ultrasonic cleaning instruments, topical antibiotic therapy and dental lasers to make gum disease treatment efficient and minimally invasive. To know more about gum disease treatment in Tysons Corner, please schedule an appointment online at https://www.smileperfectors.com.

Jun 22, 2015

Best Oral Care Tips as We age by Dentist at Smile Perfectors, Tysons Corner

Over the course of time, as we age, we are at a higher risk for many health issues, and inappropriate oral health increases a risk more than just losing your teeth. Poor oral care routine can lead to many severe health complications that can be life-threatening as we grow older. That’s because, good oral health has the positive influence over the health, whereas poor oral health leads to several overall health issues.

oral care tips

In fact, our mouth shows the first sign of a disease. It has been researched and concluded that dentists can identify the symptoms of a huge number of both chronic and acute illness even by an oral exam. A routine visit to a dental clinic may help you reveal signs of diabetes, heart disease and other serious health complications.

Senior citizens across the United States are especially at greater risk. According to the dentist at Smile Perfectors, (a high-tech dental center at Tysons Corner) senior citizens often consume prescribed medicines that can cause a decrease in saliva, and a lack of saliva in the mouth leads a much greater risk for tooth decay. Besides, aging also exposes more of the tooth, leading to oral problems. With aging, gums wear away, leaving the tooth’s root opened. The tooth root is quite softer and more open to decay compared to the enamel that protects the tooth crown.

Dentists at Smile Perfectors offered the following tips to keep teeth healthy as we age

Tip #1: Brush Twice and Floss at least Once Every Day – Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing at least once a day is a pillar for preserving healthy gums and teeth. If you suffer from arthritis or any other medical condition that makes it tough for you to brush or floss, then better consult your family dentist about the oral care products that can make it easier. Contact your family dentist and ask them to recommend the most suitable fluoride mouthwash that can help you protect exposed roots that are more prone to decay.

Tip #2: Eat healthy food for good oral health – Try to avoid sugary snacks and drinks, instead prefer drinks, fruits and vegetable that are less sugary as it will help you go a long way towards preserving a good oral and overall health. To know more about healthy diet, you can contact a dentist at Smile Perfectors, Tysons Corner.

Tip #3: Be responsive to potential dry mouth – If you frequently experience the problem of dry mouth, then you may not have adequate saliva to rinse away food particles. Drink water frequently as well as limit the consumption of alcohol and other carbonated drinks. Your family dentist may suggest you an oral rinse. If you experience dry mouth, then sugarless gum and candies can do the trick for you.

Tip #4: Visit dental clinic regularly – With aging, the possibilities of decay around the old fillings or in the softer open root of the tooth increase. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a dental center regularly to catch decay in the developing stage.

To know more about Smile Perfectors of Tysons Corner, visit https://www.smileperfectors.com.