Root Canal Tysons Corner – Things You Need to Know About the Root Canal in Tysons Corner

A root canal is a dental treatment that is used by a dentist to save a tooth if the pulp is severely damaged or infected. Most patients believe that the root canal is a painful treatment; hence, they try to avoid the treatment, but that’s not the case. During the root canal treatment, a dentist removes the infected pulp that causes pain. At SmilePerfectors, we offer root canal treatment in Tysons Corner to save the tooth of our patients and also to prevent further damages. With years of experience, we serve the community of Tysons Corner and surrounding areas with the best dental care treatments.

Why and When do you need a Root Canal Treatment in Tysons Corner?

A root canal treatment is meant to save an infected tooth that has an inflamed pulp. The inflammation of the pulp can be caused by several factors such as deep decay, multiple dental procedures performed on a single tooth, faulty crowns, and cracked teeth. According to the dentist in Tysons Corner, VA, trauma on a tooth can also cause pulp inflammation without any visible signs of chips or cracks. A root canal treatment is performed to ease the pain and discomfort that a patient feels when their tooth is inflamed. If your tooth is reddened or swollen, then urgent treatment is required or the damage would progress further down the teeth.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a treatment to save your tooth and reduce pain. It is not as painful as most people think. During the root canal treatment, a dentist in Tysons Corner removes the affected tissues and the nerves, which can ease the pain and discomfort of the patient.

Root canal treatment can stop the spread of infection. The bacteria present in the infected portion can use the nerves to travel to the other parts of the body; thereby spreading the infection. Root canal treatment ensures that the infection is cleaned and bacteria are treated appropriately to stop the spread of infection through the bloodstreams. Root canal treatment ensures the safety of your overall health.

When your tooth gets decayed or infected, there are 2 treatment options available – root canal and tooth extraction. If you decide to go for tooth extraction, then the extraction can leave the area vacant affecting the aesthetic appearance of the patient’s overall smile. On the other hand, when you decide to go for the root canal treatment, it will only remove the infected part inside the tooth without affecting the overall appearance of the face. Moreover, it also helps preserve the structure of the natural teeth and prevent surrounding bones and gums from receding.

By saving your infected tooth, root canal treatment directly restores your smile. An infected tooth not only causes pain and discomfort, but it may also put you in awkward situations when you laugh or talk in public as the infected tooth gets discolored due to the presence of bacteria. Teeth whitening can’t fix the condition, but with root canal treatment, the appearance of the tooth can be enhanced.

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