For Preventive Dentistry in Tysons Corner, Feel Free to Contact an Experienced Dentist at SmilePerfectors

Preventive dental care is considered as the base of healthy teeth and gums – and why not, preventive dentistry allows a dentist to identify a dental problem in its initial stage. That’s why, dentist in Tysons Corner, Dr. Jason Favagehi, offers a wide range of services that are specifically meant to diagnose and treat the most common dental problems straightway, including routine dental check-ups, dental cleanings, custom-made nightguards, and more.

With the help of these preventive dental care treatments, you can keep your oral health in the optimum condition while also saving your hard-earned money! If you need preventive dentistry in Tysons Corner, VA, then you can contact Dr. Favagehi – an experienced dentist in Tysons Corner. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Favagehi, feel free to contact SmilePerfectors at703-356-1200.


Why Choose a Dentist in Tysons Corner, VA, for Preventive Dentistry?

There are tons of reasons to visit a dentist in Tysons corner, and here are some of them:

– A complete family dental clinic

– Experienced and qualified dentists

– Address different types of dental problems under one roof

– Uses the latest dental equipment for treatments

– Accepts all the major to minor dental insurances


Some of the Preventive Dental Treatments Offered at SmilePerfectors 


Professional Dental Check-up and Dental Cleaning

Dr. Jason Favagehi, a dentist at SmilePerfectors, always encourage patients of all ages, including kids and adults, to visit a dental clinic for periodic dental check-ups and dental cleaning (at least twice a year). Based on your oral health, Dr. Favagehi may recommend more frequent appointments to offer you more personalized dental support for your ongoing oral health. During your dental visit, the dentist at SmilePerfectors will thoroughly examine your oral health and identify any concerning symptoms before removing plaque and tartar build-up from the enamel surfaces. The sole objective of the dentist in Tysons Corner, VA, is to leave you with a revitalized, polished, and confident smile.

Oral Screening

The number of oral cancer cases across the world has increased by a huge number; therefore, to protect their patients against such diseases, Dr. Jason Favagehi and his team of dentists in Tysons Corner offer dental screening at SmilePerfectors. During the dental screening, Dr. Favagehi will examine your oral tissues for symptoms that pinpoint the presence of cancerous cells. If anything unusual is found, the dentist at SmilePerfectors will suggest a treatment plan to cure the disease in its starting stage.

Dental Sealants

Because of their hard to reach position, premolars and molars are prone to decay. Also, the presence of deep pits and grooves along the chewing surfaces adds fuel to fire. As a solution to protect the molars and premolars, Dr. Favagehi recommends dental sealants as it can stop food particles from sticking in place. Sealants are especially a good idea for younger children who are just learning how to brush and floss!

Custom Nightguards

Do you wake up in the morning with a pounding headache or jaw pain? This is because you may be grinding your teeth whole night while you sleep; without even realizing it. This is a dental disorder known as “Bruxism”, and it can be cured with the help of customized nightguard by a dentist in Tysons Corner, VA. This device is designed to be worn comfortably as you rest easy, creating a sturdy barrier that keeps any harmful contact to a minimum.

More to Explore

Along with the above-mentioned preventive dental care treatments, dentists at SmilePerfectors also offer many other preventive and cosmetic dental treatments in Tyson Corner. If you want to learn more about the dentist in Tysons Corner and the preventive dental treatments offered by them, then please visit  or call us at 703-356-1200.


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