Does Coconut Oil Whiten Teeth?

Coconut Oil Whiten Teeth, Smile Perfectors

Does Coconut Oil Whiten Teeth?

The hunt for effective, low-cost teeth whiteners is never-ending. As a result, natural remedies for stained or yellowed teeth are rising in popularity – and you might already have one in your pantry: coconut oil. Does Coconut Oil Whiten Teeth?

This natural fruit may be critical to the sparkling pearly whites you yearn for. Keep reading to learn how the magic happens. 

How Does Coconut Oil Whiten Teeth?

More and more people are turning to this simple product to fight plaque buildup. Plaque is the remnants of food particles that build up on your teeth, creating a yellowish stain. This is what’s at the root of all of your troubles. 

The acids found in coconut oil are highly effective in breaking plaque down and washing it away, allowing your smile to shine through.


Why Use Coconut Oil?

First, it is inexpensive and straightforward to use – not to mention easy to find in almost any grocery store. 

Second, it works very quickly. If you’re scheduled to have your picture taken soon, coconut oil is a must-have on your shopping list. 

Finally, it’s completely safe. You will not suffer any ill side effects from using this oil. The only way it could be dangerous is if you have an allergy. 

Not only does coconut oil whiten teeth, but it has also been shown to help treat the following conditions: 

  • Halitosis
  • Chapped lips
  • Sore throat
  • Gingivitis (gum disease)
  • Inflammation


How Do You Use Coconut Oil?

First, place a teaspoon of the oil in your mouth and let it sit until it has a liquid texture. 

Then, swish it around in your mouth until it has reached every part of your teeth and gums. Please do this for at least five minutes, then spit it into a trash can. This is an important detail; never put oil in your sink because this can cause it to become clogged. 

Do this several times a week. If you want it to be daily, that’s perfectly fine! You can also swish for up to twenty minutes for a deep clean.

 you can find some other ways at home to whiten your teeth. 6 Effective Teeth Whitening Remedies At Home

Reminder – Don’t Skip the Dentist!

While natural remedies can be a great way to maintain oral health between dental appointments, it’s essential not to use them as a total replacement for professional dental care. 

Coconut oil is a temporary fix meant to supplement your oral hygiene regimen, not carry it ultimately.

Something to Smile About

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. So along with making regular appointments with your dentist, having an inexpensive tooth whitening regimen you can perform regularly is a terrific way to boost your confidence. 

Want to take your smile to the next level? Then, schedule an appointment with Smile Perfecters today.




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