5 Signs That it’s Time to Visit a Dentist in Tysons Corner

Pain is the body’s way to tell us that something is not good and needs urgent attention. Pain in the mouth indicates that something is wrong in the mouth, and urgent medical attention is required to address the cause and restore the health of the mouth. Living with pain in the mouth can make it difficult for you to get through the day. If you are experiencing an excess of pain, and if it is not allowing you to perform your everyday functions, then it’s time for you to make a dental appointment.

Dentist Tysons Corner

However, you can eliminate those painful situations by identifying the early signs of dental problems before they become grave and irritating. Here are some most common signs that indicate that you need to visit a dentist in Tysons Corner at the earliest.

1. Toothache: If you are experiencing a continuing toothache, then this is the urgent sign that something is definitely wrong and needs immediate medical assistance. There are many different reasons behind a toothache, but in all cases, it is crucial to receive the proper treatment from an experienced dentist in Tysons Corner.

2. Bleeding Gums: If your gums are bleeding while brushing and appear red and swollen, then it is a sign of potential gum disease. In the case of gum disease, it is advisable to visit a dentist for a routine dental checkup to summarize a treatment plan. If the blood only lasts a day or two, then it is nothing to worry about, but if the blood continues for longer, then visit a dentist at the earliest.

3. Frequent Headaches: Headaches are not always because of lack of sleep, an incorrect eyeglass prescription, stress, loud noise exposure, or tight headwear. Sometimes, it may be because of the temporomandibular joint. Your jaws can lead to headaches, and if the jaw pain seems to cause ongoing headaches, then the two are connected and need treatment.

4. Teeth Discoloration and Bad Breath: Teeth discoloration and bad breath are caused because of proper oral hygiene. Therefore, if your teeth are losing color or showing some stains along with bad breath, then you need to consult a dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist will recommend the course of treatment based on the severity of the dental condition.

5. Loose or Knocked-out Tooth: If one of your permanent teeth is loose or knocked out due to some injury, then seek medical treatment as soon as possible. A loose tooth may cause constant pain and may also reduce your food chewing ability. Whereas, a knocked-out tooth leaves an open void that may be vulnerable to decay, leading to other serious dental problems. An individual need to replace them as soon as possible to continue protecting oral health.

Make an Appointment with a Dentist in Tysons Corner

If you are a resident of Tysons Corner and find any of the above-mentioned signs in your mouth, then we suggest you to contact Dr. Jason Favagehi and his team of dentists in Tysons Corner. Dr. Favagehi will make sure your dental problems are addressed in the most professional manner so that you don’t have to bear the pain any longer. From preventive dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Favagehi and his team of dentists at SmilePerfectors are highly skilled and qualified to fix any oral issues you may be currently experiencing.

To learn more about the dentist in Tysons Corner and various dental treatments offered at SmilePerfectors, please visit us at https://www.smileperfectors.com.


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