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Oct 16, 2015

Three Good Reasons Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Regularly

visit your dentist regularlyWhen it comes to dentists, people can be irrational. People may visit their physician, dermatologist, cardiologist, or any other medical practitioner regularly, but forsake a visit to their family dentist. Forsaking regular dental visits is not a good idea at all. It is vital to get regular checkups for your mouth and teeth from a professional. Here are three good reasons why regular visits to the dentist are important.

It prevents other health complications

Our body is complex; a problem in one area may cause trouble in another. Mouth and teeth also factor towards creating problems in other areas of your body. Studies have shown that periodontitis or simply gum disease can cause a number of health complications for people. Individuals can suffer from gum disease due to lack of proper oral care, genetics, or a combination of the two. People who have gum disease are nearly twice as likely to suffer from stroke and heart disease. Gum disease can also aggravate diabetes. Some studies have linked gum disease with the premature birth as well. In short, regular visits to your dentist can help prevent many other health complications.

It helps save you from big expenses

An average oral exam and tooth cleaning costs between $75-200. Individuals who carry dental insurance will find the routine exam and cleaning much cheaper, or even free. Routine oral exams and cleaning can catch various issues early, like cavities, a buildup of plaque, gum disease, and so on. Most treatments required to deal with serious oral problems are a bit more expensive than the cost of a dental cleaning. For instance, a dental implant can cost up to $5,000. Onlay and Inlay can be as much as $650. Root canals cost $1,000+. Regular visits to your dentist can prevent most of these oral health issues. A dentist can stop minor cavities from growing after a thorough cleaning. The removal of plaque during the dental cleaning helps deter gum disease.

It keeps your smile looking beautiful

Before the emergence of modern dentists, periodontists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons, people had many problems with their teeth and oral health. As mentioned above, improper oral care can be dangerous as well as expensive. With regular visits to your dentist, you can maintain healthy teeth and good smiles. Studies have shown that a healthy, bright smile can boost the confidence level of an individual. It also helps individuals make a great first impression!

To conclude, it is vital to visit your dentist regularly. It keeps your smile beautiful and healthy. A biannually dental examination and cleaning can also help detect oral issues, which can otherwise lead to expensive treatments and dangerous health complications.

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Oct 2, 2015

Tips to Handle Dental Emergency By Dentists at Smile Perfectors, Tysons Corner

dentist tysons cornerDental emergencies are really frightening and painful. Most times, people are uncertain about what constitutes a dental emergency, whom they should contact, and what they can do at home to ease the pain when they face a dental emergency. Here are guidelines that will help tackle dental emergency until you reach the dental clinic for the treatment.

Dental emergencies are of two types, i.e. some are urgent, whereas others can wait to be treated. Therefore, it is necessary to differentiate between the two if you experience a dental emergency over the weekends or at nighttime when dental clinics are normally closed.

List of Urgent Dental Emergencies

•    Bleeding That Will Not Stop

•    A Loose or Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

•    Injured Jaw

•    Painful Swelling

•    Painful Toothache

If you experience any of the above-mentioned dental emergencies, then it is recommended to visit a dental clinic at the earliest. Call your family dentist; inform them about the condition right away. Most dentists, nowadays, have an emergency contact number so that their patients can contact them if they have dental emergencies outside of business hours. If you are unable to contact your family dentist, then visit any other dentists who can handle the problem efficiently.

List of Non-Urgent Dental Emergencies

•    Lost Filling, Crown, or Bridge

•    Broken or Cracked Tooth (unless the tooth is causing you severe pain)

•    Broken or Damaged Retainer or Night Guard

•    Food lodged between teeth

•    Dull toothache

Above mentioned is the list of dental emergencies that are not considered so urgent. However, it is still suggested to contact your dentist at the earliest.

Tips to Handle Dental Emergencies

Depending upon the type of dental emergency, you experience, there are things you can do to ease the pain and remedy the situation. Irrespective of the type of dental emergency, one of the most essential things you can do is stay calm. Staying calm at the time of emergency is essential, because when you get nervous, your body triggers a number of responses that may worsen the situation. Here’s a list of things you can do at the time of a dental emergency, and they are;

1.   If you are experiencing unbearable irritation and swelling, then dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a mug of hot water and use it as a warm mouthwash.

2.   If you have a tooth knocked out, put it in a glass of milk until you can get to your dentist.

3.   In case, you experience pain around one specific tooth, then floss that specific tooth because it is possible that food stuck between your teeth or inside the gum tissue might be triggering the pain.

4.   In case of bleeding, numb irritation and swelling, use a cold compress for relief.

Whom Should I Contact?

A dental clinic is an obvious place to visit when you face a dental emergency; however, in some cases, it may be best to go straight to the emergency room.  As a thumb rule, if you are experiencing unbearable pain or excess of bleeding, then you must go to the emergency room. If the problem is not that severe, then you can call your dentist and schedule at an appointment as soon as possible.

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