Eric G. 05-17-2018

Wonderful staff and excellent care - a great office team. Dr. Kaymanesh spent extended time with me examining and cleaning. She is very knowledgeable and thorough. She was very considerate of sensitivities and clearly stated that my comfort

Nahlah A. 05-16-2018

I recommend dr.kaymanesh ,she is a great doctor.

Molly C. 05-15-2018

Dr.Kaymanesh Is Wonderful and Amazing Her Staff Is So Helpful and Sweet also

Anonymous user 05-15-2018

Excellent, professional and quick.

Anonymous user 05-14-2018

Very helpful and somehow they made the numbing shots not hurt at all so this was the best time I've ever had getting a procedure done.

Michael P. 05-12-2018

Great dentist, very knowledgeable and thorough.

Anonymous user 05-12-2018

I brought my three year old son in for his semi annual cleaning. At first, he was very apprehensive with the hygienist but he warmed up once Dr. Kaymanesh starting working with him. She has excellent bedside manner; I would recommend her for children.

Gloria I. 05-12-2018

Another excellent experience with Dr. Altememi. Caring, gentle, friendly and knowledgeable.

Anonymous user 05-11-2018

I had a very pleasant visit with Dr. Kaymanesh. She really nice and professional, provide excellent services with the patient.

Stephanie B. 05-10-2018

Appointment went smooth and I was amazed at how fast it was to get x-ray'd.

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